American Standard Laboratory Service


        American Standard Laboratory Service Ltd. is subsidiary of American company National Standard Laboratory Service Ltd., operates on behalf of National Standard Laboratory Service Ltd in China and provides local testing service for domestic customers from food industries. American Standard Laboratory Service Ltd. is also certified by NFTA, can provide testing service for forage products in China, the test results are approved by NFTA.

        American Standard Laboratory Service Ltd. has good cooperation with National Non-staple Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and National Grain and Oil Standard Research and Testing Center, and appoints the two centers to do the tests. The testing service covers whole procedure of food industries from field to table, including 127 categories and 700 test items for raw material, quality, and safety. The two centers are certified with CAL, CMA, CNAS, CMAF and in conformity with international standards, the test reports issued by the two centers are well approved and accepted by international testing organizations and laboratories.




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